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Victorian Inspiration


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european-inspired design

Set against a backdrop of lush, leafy trees, the well-crafted, refined homes at Yukon Residences evoke elegant design in an accessible, urban setting.


Designed by Formwerks Architectural, the homes are distinctly Victorian in appearance and stature, but a step inside reveals polished contemporary lines and inviting, warm and muted palettes. The result is a classic home with modern touches.



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refined details

The collection of three and four-bedroom townhomes are complemented by one, two and three bedroom garden flats, with Victorian era motifs visible throughout the residences. Framed with richly detailed brackets, warm toned brick and a small arched canopy, the front door entrance to the garden flats creates a sense of arrival to the home. Bay windows, balconies and dormer roofs bring additional accents to the residences.


winona park

Directly fronting the residences, Winona Park provides welcoming green space where children can play sports, while adults partake in an evening stroll and catch up with neighbours.




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